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Accommodation in Jizerské mountains - hotels and pensions

Northernmost mountains range in the Czech Republic, Jizerské mountains, are named after the Jizera river, which rises on the slopes of the mountain Smrk (the highest peak in the Czech part of the mountains - 1124 meters above sea level). Jizerské mountains are the important recreational area in the Czech Republic - accommodation in Jizerské mountains is used by more and more guests. In the summer season they offer a choice of hiking and cycling (marked hiking trails, bicycle paths Jizerské mountains), for skiers there are important especially winter resorts Bedřichov, Severák, Tanvaldský Špičák - are located close to each other and all are connected into one of the most popular trails in the Czech Republic - Jizerská magistrala.   continuing...

region: Liberecký kraj - Liberecko
area: Jizerské hory
phone: +420 482 710 616
code: CB-056
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The zoo in Liberec is the oldest zoo in the former area of Czechoslovakia. It was founded in 1919 and presently it can be proud cca 170 animal species of the total number of nearly 1.000 specimen. Except for the wide exposition in particular specific pavilions (the pavilions of giraffes, elephants, beasts, monkeys or trops) we ensure tutorials for schools, and you can also find here the wide offer of ecological educational programms. In the lower part of the zoo you can get on a small train, the favourite department is also the contact zoo where the visitors can even pet or feed some animals.

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