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In our catalogue - weddings - we present objects which have experience with arranging weddings and that´s why they are equipped e.g. with a large garden for outdoor weddings or they have large wedding rooms right inside the object, they are prepared to help you with complete organization of your important and festive day - turnkey weddings. Hotels, pensions, castles and wine cellars have prepared rooms for wedding feasts both for smaller weddings and big and organizationally more demanding weddings. Some objects have prepared for this day a wedding apartment for just married couple. The objects in this catalogue are prepared to arrange for you beautiful weddings in different places, e.g. wedding in the church, wedding in the castle in the Czech Republic, wedding in wine cellar etc. Our partners also think of wedding anniversaries and jubilees of silver wedding, gold wedding and diamond wedding. We will be happy to help you with the choice of the right object for your wedding or a wedding celebration.

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